Business loans

Corporate Loan  Employee loan from the member of staff of Financioler, Marl. Corporate loans and emergency loans As a rule, family growth also means new purchases, eg the purchase of new household appliances, a larger car or moving into a larger floor. There companies can offer their employees low-interest or ( more… )

The payday loan?

What is the principle of payday loan? Under this rather obscure name is simply hiding a consumer credit. Or rather, one of its variants. Explanations. The principle There are several types of consumer credit: the payday loan, but also the revolving credit, the credit affected or LOA (lease with option ( more… )

Civil Service Loans

Loans to officials Repayment of the civil service loan It is used as a total loan, at the same time a life insurance for life insurance policies is completed. The official loan, which is also referred to as a civil service loan in Germany, is essentially characterized by very flexible ( more… )

Submission of the shareholder loan

Restaurant and a subordinate shareholder loan. You can use the “shareholder loans” instrument to present the development of shareholder loans to your auditor. Shareholder Loan If a shareholder grants a loan to his company, it must be examined whether it was equity capital or a loan transaction attributable to the ( more… )

How to borrow with P2P loans

Person-to-person loans, also known as P2P loans, do not come from traditional lenders such as banks, credit unions and finance companies. Instead, you borrow money from another person or several people. You will pay interest on your loan, but it may be easier to approve one of these loans than ( more… )